Mint your Bavarian here & now

Before you can mint your very own NFB,
we need some information from you.

Please check the FAQs below to learn why.

The mint price per Non-Fungible Bavarian is 0.25 Eth.

Terms and Conditions

GDPR consent

* Our Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase and all resales and notes on the statutory right of revocation and its exceptions. By clicking on “O’gMINT is!” you expressly agree to the execution of the contract before the expiry of the cancellation period and confirm your knowledge that you thereby lose your right of cancellation with the start of the execution.


aka “why do you want that info”?

Yes, we know our minting process is a little different from what you’re probably used to.

Let us explain 🧵

Why do you want my email address and the country I am in?

We, the NFBs, are based in Germany 🇩🇪 and must therefore comply with German laws, regulations and also tax requirements.

As you may know, there are virtually no laws, regulations, or tax requirements when it comes to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) yet.
So we’re basically on our own here, trying to have a safe and predictive coin process.

After many discussions with tax advisors and lawyers, we have decided to go this route and to collect at least an email address and the country in which you are, so you can mint a Non-Fungible Bavarian. These small pieces of information of yours give us confidence, safety and assistance in the correct taxation of our mint.

What are your Terms & Conditions?
Is it safe to mint?

“Minting” describes the conversion of a digital file into an NFT and transferring it to a blockchain.

We thoroughly checked our smart contract and had it peer reviewed by experienced and knowledgeable web3 developers.
We’ve done everything we can to avoid any potential loopholes or exploits, and we are certain that you are safe!

Will I receive a ♀ or ♂ NFB?

Nobody knows. It’s a surprise.

We are an inclusive project, and we believe all Bavarians are beautiful!
50% of the NFBs are female and 50% are male.

What wallet can I use?

We highly recommend using the MetaMask wallet to mint a NFB.

How many Non-Fungible-Bavarians can I mint?

You can mint one NFB NFT per transaction and a maximum of three (3) per wallet.

How many Non-Fungible-Bavarians are available?

There is a maximum of 1.111 Non-Fungible Bavarian NFTs.

While 11 have been handed to the core team you are currently looking into minting NFB Batch #1.
The NFB Batch #1 consists of 100 individual NFTs.

What is the price for one Non-Fungible-Bavarian?

The price for one Non-Fungible-Bavarian NFT in Batch #1 is 0.25 Ether.

(FYI: Prices will change for future Batches)

If I have more questions. Where can I ask?

Come over into our Discord channel and use the ⛑⎮help channel and/or reach out to @bjornout, @VLVT, or @manuringo directly.