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Bavarians Examples
Bavarians Examples

A community of Web3 enthusiasts.

We challenge the status quo of Web2 and the Realverse.

Driven by curiosity we are looking for like-minded people ready to build and thrive in a decentralized Web3 world.

Join us and let’s meet at one of our regular meetings in Munich or online in our Discord.

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The team behind NFB

Björn is an avid NFT collector, Startup fan and serial entrepreneur from which has been able to learn continuously with all the successes and failures that came along.

After buying his first Bitcoin in 2017, he has been hooked on the tokenization of our world and tinkering with Web3 solutions. With the entry of NFTs last year … 🤯

Björn aka Bjornout

Chris has been working in the startup sector for the majority of his career, building sales teams, scaling and investing in companies.

He recognized the benefits of digitalization years ago and immediately moved into the software environment.
Chris is investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs and has been interested in their underlying technologies for some time.

Chris aka Georgebecool 

Manuel has been working as a content creator & visual storyteller for high-end commercials for many years.

He is an early crypto adopter and enthusiast and has already launched his own fine-art photography NFT collection.
He loves to play with Web3 ideas and utilizing blockchain technology.

Manuel aka Manuringo

Born and raised in advertising agencies, Tom shifted into the realm of freelance illustration back in 2014.

He is into non-crypto-currencies like EUR and USD, but what he lacks in knowledge about crypto he compensates with his drawing skills… while riding his motorcycle. For more check out

Tom aka Major Tom

Kilian is an absolute crypto enthusiast and a startup fan with many years of experience in the tech sector.

With his curiosity, Bitcoin grabbed him in 2016, and he’s been going down the rabbit hole ever since.
When he’s not enthusiastically dealing with future topics like tokenization and the Web3 in his spare time, he enjoys the sun and the Bavarian way of life ☀️🍻

Kilian aka Digitalist 

Felix is a highly driven project and team lead.

He is specialized in leading large and complex IT software projects. In his free time, he loves to listen to metal music while digging deep in the web 3 rabbit hole and doing good in the world. He strongly believes that web 3 is the future. With a highly skilled and motivated team, mountains in the web 3 space can be moved.

Felix aka CryptoNFTManiac

Sergey studies computer science and just recently began to dig into the crypto and web3 rabbit hole.
He’s a developer for The Bavarians project – currently working on the planning and implementation of our smart contracts.

Apart from coding and other mad-computer-scientist-stuff, he always enjoys having a good drink and getting in touch with like-minded people.

Sergey K.

Dominic began his career as a management consultant specializing in the automotive industry. Subsequently, he joined an electromobility start-up before co-founding TIVAN Consulting which is a consulting company specialized in NFT and Web3-Consulting.

He his Co-Host of NFTea-Time, the German podcast on all things NFT and Web3. For the Bavarians, Dominic is the Community Manager and runs the Discord.

Dominic aka VLVT

Are you looking to enter the Web3 space to learn, connect, and explore?

We are calling for all like-minded people from the DACH region to join us on an epic ride into the world of Web3.

United by a shared passion we are looking to learn and explore, create and build together in order to shape the next evolution of the Internet.


The NFBs
the Network3.0

We are a community of Crypto-, Web3-, NFT- and Metaverse-enthusiasts from the DACH region who want to learn and explore, create and build together, to shape the next evolution stage of the World Wide Web
– striving for an open and decentralized internet.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it:

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