Bavarians Examples
Bavarians Examples

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A collection of 1.111 NFTs that give you access to an exclusive Web3 mastermind Network.

We challenge the status quo of Web2 and the Realverse by collaboratively executing projects provided by our own house brand NFTmunich and the NFB Network.

Driven by curiosity we are looking for like-minded people ready to build and thrive in a decentralized Web3 world.
Become a Non-Fungible Bavarian and join an alchemist-like lifestyle.

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Mint now!

1.111 drop-dead gorgeous Bavarians
on an epic ride
to become a legendary Web3 brand

NFB is by no means a typical NFT project. We are your Web3 mastermind Network.

We’ve already started a local Network for Web3 enthusiasts, which is all about getting connected, getting creative, getting attention and sharing knowledge and ideas about blockchain projects. Now it’s the time to take this collective onto a new level to bring all kinds of projects to life together and ultimately getting paid for what we really love to do. Forget about your nine to five job and start a new journey together with us.

Tech x Tradition
 meets Bavarian charm

What’s in for you:

Paid Jobs – You’ll get introduced to new projects on a regular basis

Exclusive access to developers, 3D artists & designers, creatives & marketeers, and entrepreneurs

Invitations to IRL events (NFB Stammtisch, Oktoberfest etc.)

Access to exclusive Discord channels to NFT holders only

Bi-Weekly Meet-Ups with like-minded people

Metaverse Vereinsheim – Your stage to show off

Kickass 2D PFP + 3D & Metaverse ready coming soon

Most important: Many learnings and new skills that will help you for the rest of your career

Our Manifest

We are a group of entrepreneurs who believe in the evolution of the internet and are very
passionate about Web3 since day one. At some point we decided to take action and form a
Network which is able to drive those new ideas and to help people and organizations to
get access to blockchain technology.

It turned out that a lot of people in our community are sharing the same vision and are also keen
to challenge the status quo, are keen to learn, and want to make projects happen together.

That’s how we got here and probably why you are here…

We want to gather people from all places to join the first Web3 only business Network.
A Network that introduces its members to new Web3 projects, based on the idea that anything is possible when you team up.

And most important: to have fun together.

A Network that stands for cohesiveness, curiosity and the will to give each member a new path to follow.

No matter your origin, gender, background, strength or weaknesses.

We want to encourage you to find a space where you can do what you really like to do and what you do best.
A place where you can share and develop your strengths, find like-minded people, and build.
A true community of entrepreneurs.

We are going to learn, create, and grow together.
Because at the end of the day, this is all that matters.

Become a Non-Fungible Bavarian.

No two Bavarians are alike

– every single one is unique and handcrafted with lots of love –

We have actually created enough layers and traits to build millions of unique NFBs,
but we’ve decided to keep the circle small and only mint 1.111 NFTs, representing 1.111 exclusive NFB members.

Bavarians Females NFT Layers
Bavarians Males NFT Layers
Bavarians Roadmap

The core team behind NFB

Björn is an avid NFT collector, Startup fan and serial entrepreneur from which has been able to learn continuously with all the successes and failures that came along.

After buying his first Bitcoin in 2017, he has been hooked on the tokenization of our world and tinkering with Web3 solutions. With the entry of NFTs last year … 🤯

Björn aka Bjornout

Chris has been working in the startup sector for the majority of his career, building sales teams, scaling and investing in companies.

He recognized the benefits of digitalization years ago and immediately moved into the software environment.
Chris is investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs and has been interested in their underlying technologies for some time.

Chris aka Georgebecool 

Manuel has been working as a content creator & visual storyteller for high-end commercials for many years.

He is an early crypto adopter and enthusiast and has already launched his own fine-art photography NFT collection.
He loves to play with Web3 ideas and utilizing blockchain technology.

Manuel aka Manuringo

Born and raised in advertising agencies, Tom shifted into the realm of freelance illustration back in 2014.

He is into non-crypto-currencies like EUR and USD, but what he lacks in knowledge about crypto he compensates with his drawing skills… while riding his motorcycle. For more check out

Tom aka Major Tom

Kilian is an absolute crypto enthusiast and a startup fan with many years of experience in the tech sector.

With his curiosity, Bitcoin grabbed him in 2016, and he’s been going down the rabbit hole ever since.
When he’s not enthusiastically dealing with future topics like tokenization and the Web3 in his spare time, he enjoys the sun and the Bavarian way of life ☀️🍻

Kilian aka Digitalist 

Felix is a highly driven project and team lead.

He is specialized in leading large and complex IT software projects. In his free time, he loves to listen to metal music while digging deep in the web 3 rabbit hole and doing good in the world. He strongly believes that web 3 is the future. With a highly skilled and motivated team, mountains in the web 3 space can be moved.

Felix aka CryptoNFTManiac

Anna has worked as a management consultant for several years before moving into a digital product and portfolio role, all while launching and scaling her own ecommerce business.

She has been living and breathing the NFT and Web3 space, engaging in communities, collecting digital art and exploring crypto gaming.

Anna aka Alea

Sergey studies computer science and just recently began to dig into the crypto and web3 rabbit hole.
He’s a developer for The Bavarians project – currently working on the planning and implementation of our smart contracts.

Apart from coding and other mad-computer-scientist-stuff, he always enjoys having a good drink and getting in touch with like-minded people.

Sergey K.

Dominic began his career as a management consultant specializing in the automotive industry. Subsequently, he joined an electromobility start-up before co-founding TIVAN Consulting which is a consulting company specialized in NFT and Web3-Consulting.

He his Co-Host of NFTea-Time, the German podcast on all things NFT and Web3. For the Bavarians, Dominic is the Community Manager and runs the Discord.

Dominic aka VLVT

Peter is a software engineer and architect fully committed to Web3 & Blockchain. He has startup experience, studied computer science and wrote his first smart contract back in 2017. He loves to solve problems with novel technologies and design solutions to bring the power back to the users.


Are you looking to enter the Web3 space yourself and want to make a living in it?

We are calling for all like-minded people from the DACH region to join us on an epic ride, forming the first Web3 focussed (business-) Network3.0.

United by a shared passion we are looking to learn and explore, create and build together in order to shape the next evolution of the Internet.


The NFBs
the Network3.0

We are a community of Crypto-, Web3-, NFT- and Metaverse-enthusiasts from the DACH region who want to learn and explore, create and build together, to shape the next evolution stage of the World Wide Web
– striving for an open and decentralized internet.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it:

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We know exactly how confusing the Web3, NFT, and Metaverse space can be.
So, we tried to collect some information for you to get going.

If you need more informations or looking for an onboarding, head over to our Discord and get in touch.

What is a NFT?

A NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset that represents ownership of or access to unique items, whether digital or physical. Ownership and transfer of an NFT is secured by a blockchain that documents ownership in a decentralized, public database while acting as a certificate of authenticity and exposing counterfeits.

How can I buy a Bavarian? What do I need?

In short: you will need a crypto wallet like Metamask and some Ether (the Ethereum blockchain’s native token) on it.

So, first of all you will need a wallet to which the NFT is transferred. There must be enough Ether (currency of the Ethereum blockchain) on the wallet itself to make the purchase.
The most popular provider is Metamask.

What does "minting" mean?

“Minting” describes the conversion of a digital file into an NFT and transferring it to a blockchain.

Which blockchain do we use?

The Bavarians will enter the Ethereum Blockchain.

You think this is a bad idea?
Get in touch with us on our Discord and convince us.

What are Gas fees?

“Gas fees” are the transaction fees that users pay to interact with a blockchain and to have their transaction included in the block. The system works on a standard supply and demand mechanism. If there is more demand for transactions, miners usually choose to include the transactions that pay more. So, by paying a higher gas fee you can increase your chances of getting your transaction validated first.

Wallets like MetaMask enable users to interact directly with the Ethereum network, choosing which amount of gas they wish to pay. There are several websites where you can track gas prices, like or

How can I sell my Bavarian?

You can easily sell your Bavarians NFT on secondary markets like OpenSea or Looksrare.

Royalty Fees

NFT royalties give the creator of a NFT a percentage of the sale price each time this NFT creation is sold on a (secondary) marketplace. NFT royalty payments are perpetual and are executed by smart contracts automatically.

What is Metaverse?

Well, nobody knows for sure. Not yet.

Nobody knows what the “Metaverse” actually will be like and also what Metaverse will be “the one” – or will there be more? 🤔
But what we do know is that we want to offer you the best experience. And juuuust in case, we bought some Land in the Sandbox and Decentraland.

Do I have to be Bavarian or German to buy a Bavarians NFT?

No, absolutely not!

Just like our beloved Oktoberfest: from Munich to the World.
Bavarians are for everybody, and it is more like a feeling rather than a place.

Where do NFTs get their value from?

Our honest answer: Supply and demand.

NFTs only hold value if the next person is willing to pay for the NFT as well.
NFTs’ rarity (amount of copies created), following and community size, physical appearance (how visually appealing the NFT is), history, and utility are generally what drives their price.

What is Discord?

Discord is an online service for instant messaging and chatting. Originally created for computer gamers, but is now increasingly used for NFT projects as well.

What you need to do:
1. Download the Discord app and create a profile.
2. Click on the Discord logo in the next section to get into the NFBs Server.
3. Click the 🍻  underneath the welcome message to get full access to all chats.

Does "Bavarian charm" actually exist?


Bavarians Example GIF

Become a NFB

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